Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Clinical Trial Recruitment

Is AI the future? How will AI change Clinical Trial Recruitment?

Sep 30, 2023

How will AI affect your recruitment?

Revolutionizing Clinical Trial Recruitment: Harnessing AI for Efficiency and Impact

Generally speaking, the world of clinical trial recruitment will become more efficient with the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI).  There’s little doubt that this exciting new technology will have dramatic applications at every phase of the recruitment process.

From the drafting of the trial protocol, to patient identification, to trial recruitment and retention, we are already seeing the growth of efficiencies across this spectrum.

The Irreplaceable Human Touch in Clinical Trial Recruitment: Why AI Can’t Replace Personal Interactions

But on the other hand, there will always be the human element of the recruitment process that may never be replaced by AI.  Recruitment of potential patients not only requires the identification of a diverse group of subjects, but also the human interactions from the site staff to those patients, to make the most impact.

Think about how many patients are recruited into a research study without a personal email, text message, telephone pre-screening, or a face-to-face visit at the site location. How will AI replace those interactions?

How will AI replace the trained site staff personnel who takes their time to listen to the potential research subject on the phone while they find their medical records, then explain to them what to expect when they arrive at the site for their first visit, and how to avoid the local traffic congestion along the way.

How will AI know to spend the time listening to the human stories of each potential research subject while they are explaining about their family, their children, their medical history.

Will AI be able to give comfort and instill confidence for a nervous patient entering their first overnight research study?

Man vs AI machine

Adapting to Rapid AI Advancements in Clinical Trials

AI technology will be changing fast in the months and years ahead.  It will be up to the sponsors and site directors to make choices about how to best utilize any new technology for their studies.  They will know the demographics of the potential patient population and will have to make decisions about cost versus value on each recruitment assignment.

In conclusion: The Human Touch in Clinical Recruitment

I’m sure in time many of the current clinical study recruitment processes will be replaced or enhanced by AI, but for now, human touch can be the deciding factor for a patient to make a decision to join a study.

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