3 Important Steps for Clinical Trial Recruitment

Recruiting patients for a clinical research study is not easy. It takes a collaborative effort from the sponsor, the site, and the recruitment team, and many more.
Clinical Trial Recruitment

Jul 31, 2023

Maximize the success rate of your Clinical Trials!

There are many reasons why a clinical trial recruitment effort either fails or exceeds budget.  Even with comprehensive planning, the study may not achieve the desired results, often to the surprise of all parties involved.

However, there are a few important steps to consider when planning your Clinical Trial recruitment effort.

Optimize your recruitment strategy in advance

There are many steps when planning a new study but for sure you will want to think about the importance of the three mentioned here. 

Optimizing your recruitment strategy in advance will help you keep your costs under control and will maximize the potential patient response rates.

Maximizing Success and Minimizing Costs: Key Steps for Planning a Clinical Trial Recruitment Effort

1. Is the inclusion/exclusion criteria so challenging, that the study is doomed before it even begins?

Speak to the staff at the sites and ask them for their input.  They will often know the most about what can be expected when potential patients walk through their front doors.

2. Is your recruitment plan solid?

Have you talked carefully with the team who will be doing the marketing to attract new patients to the study?  Make sure your plan is solid and there is excellent coordination between the recruitment team and the site staff.

3. Take a good look at the stipend offered to attract potential patients.

Think carefully about this financial incentive and whether or not this would be sufficient to attract the demographic population you are seeking.  Those potential patients are thinking about the travel time and distance to and from the study location, the duration of the study itself, and the cost for them to miss work, school, or family to join your study.  Ask your recruitment team and site staff for their input whenever possible.

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